Bruins - Blues Stanley Cup Final Game One

Bruins - Blues Stanley Cup Final Game One

Fear the Bear!

The Boston Bruins were able to get the game one victory in the 2018/2019 Stanley Cup Finals. You can find a couple of my remarks on the game below.

- Scoring chances:

- Corsi% (shot attempt differential while the player was on ice - the graph below shows all situations): Absolute dominance by the Bruins

- the longer break from game action was not an advantage for the Bruins which were not as solid in the first period

- Blues handed over a lot of powerplays to the Bruins - the two powerplays in the second period (the second led to the equalizer for the Bruins) were a key momentum shift

- huge offensive contribution from Bruins defense - McAwoy and Clifton scored a goal and Krug added 4 shots and an unbelievably beautiful hit:

I love the reaction of Krug to the loss of his bucket - he was happy that he had a haircut last week :P :D

- Schenn scored the game opening goal and added an assist on the second goal, best Blues player from my perspective

- Bergeron 70% face off win - how is it even possible if we get into account that the puck is not all the time dropped perfectly into the middle of the players??

Feel free to comment and add your opinion on the game!


Refuse to lose