Bruins - Blues Stanley Cup Final Game Five

Bruins - Blues Stanley Cup Final Game Five

Hi hockey fans!

Below you can find again a couple of key points from the game from my perspective

Officiating - what the fuck was this missed call on Acciari? The ref was standing right there and he had clear sight on this and he didn't called the tripping? The games are NOT interesting if the difference is a bad or missed call by the refs. We have seen far too many important bad decisions by the refs in this years playoffs...

Goalies - both of them were stellar but Binnington with his 38 saves (.974 SV%) was a huge help for the Blues, specially in the first period where he faced 15 shots and let no one in. The Blues have won the wast majority of the games where they scored the first goal so the clean sheet in the first was important

Injuries - the toughness of Big Z can't be expressed in any way, he is just a true warrior dressing up with a broken jaw. I mean he fucking can't speak due to the injury and he put up almost 17 ice time minutes and 4 hits! But due to this injury we saw an interesting combination of Krug and McAwoy in the same D pairing, which was fun to watch.

Defense - the best D man on the ice today was Pietrangelo. He is rock solid in the back and provides a huge offensive support (3 shots, one of them beat Rask but Krejci saved the day with his block). With him in one D pairing and Parayko in the other one the Blues have better offensive support from the blue line than Bruins. Bruins tackled this from the beginning of the series and we can see improvement in the offensive contribution especially from Krug, but I still think the Blues have an advantage in their D both offensively and defensively. 

Offense - Best Boston forward: Johansson, Best Blues forward: O'Reilly

What happened to David Pastrnak? He was shooting all night long but nothing went in. We saw a lot of passing plays from the Bruins ending with the shot of Pasta but he simply can't score. The Blues D men blocked a solid bunch of his shots (3 blocks on 9 shot attempts) but still 6 SOG is a lot to end up with empty score sheet. In the last game Boston wasn't able to score on 3 powerplays, which was the key to the success for the Bruins throughout the playoffs.

Ryan O'Reilly is for me the MVP of the series. He is able to put up points and important goals and in parallel he is blocking shots, winning corner battles (which leads to a solid takeaway number) - to put simply he is also doing a lot of invisible work where he is helping his team a lot. It was a key acquisition for the Blues this year from Buffalo for Sobotka, Berglunf and Thompson. A couple of curiosities - Ryan is a workhorse in his training routine, which was created by his father. Another curiosity for Ryan is his blade curve, which looks totally ridiculous - see the link below:

The series goes back to Missouri and the Cup will be there. Blues will have the home ice advantage and could make history on Sunday, but I think the Bruins will leave everything on the ice to go back to Boston for Game Seven.

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