Norris Trophy 2019 Analysis

Norris Trophy 2019 Analysis

Hi all

You can find my shot on the Norris Trophy finalists in this post. It's my individual opinion what I have on the finalists from watching the games through the regular season backed up by some statistical numbers. 

Get familiar with these numbers - it will improve the understanding of the points that I mention in the atricle.

  Games Goals Assists Points +/- PIM P/GP S% TOI/GP
Burns 82 16 67 83 13 34 1.01 5.3 25:06
Giordano 82 17 57 74 39 69 0.95 7.7 24:14
Hedman 70 12 42 54 24 44 0.77 6.6 22:46


So first of all lets start with the obvious - points or in other way their offensive contribution. Burns and Giordano are atop of the NHL standings among Dmen in points and in points per game as well. I am mentioning points per game on purpose as Hedman has played a bit less games than Burns and Giordano but he trails the duo also in this stat. If we use linear approximation for the games he missed and the actual points per game stat he would have approx 64 points at the end of the season.

Burns scrambled the most points of them all but he is the one with significantly higher count of shot attempts of them all (Burns 490, Giordano 344, Hedman 327). I personally love the way (shot speed, choice of shooting moment, position on ice and aim) how Burns shoots, both slap or snap shots, add one of the best (if not the best) forward for deflections Joe Pavelski and there you have an easy 67 apples per season :)

Lets look briefly on the special teams contribution. When we look at the shorthanded situations, Marc Giordano is in the top 10 on the list of shorthanded scorers which is an impressive stat for a Dmen (yes there is more shorthanded scoring in the NHL nowadays but non the less - how the hell did a Dmen scored on a shorty 4 times?). If we look on the powerplays, here again we see that Hedman put much less rubber on the net than the other 2 nominees and spent the least time on ice during the man advantage (not significantly). If you have shooters like Stamkos or Kucherov I assume you simply are forced to pass it to them

If we would like to see who is the best defensively it would be more difficult, my approach is to check the +/- in combination with a couple of other stats as shots blocking, hits, time on shorthanded situations... As we are speaking about Dmen I simply ignore the scoring from other players which could influence the +/- as the Dmen are rotated among the forward lines (there is no Dmen which is always and only on the ice with Kuch or McDavid). Here my pick would be Giordano due to the +/-, as he has also the most time on shorties. They all have similiar corsi against and count of shots blocked, Burns has the most hits dished out but also I have an impression when I watch the Sharks games that Burns is way too often simply over-skated or overplayed by opponent forwards.

Summary - Hedman trails the other two nominees in almost all aspects, in some more in some less but he would be my number 3. Second would be Burnzie - he is great offensively but he lacks in defense (to put things straight - I am not saying he can't defend but in consideration to the other two). My Norris Trophy winner would be Marc Giordano due to most balanced offensive and defensive skills and from my point of view he brought also the biggest leadership to the team from all these three nominees.