Our philosophy

Refuse to lose
It's the second half of the third period and after your mistake you are losing by one goal. You are returning to the bench totally frustrated, the coach is yelling, you can't even mark the words which he is shouting towards you. The feeling takes you to another world filled with anger and rage and you know the free spot at the end of the bench is reserved for you. As you sit there and think over the damn situation again and again suddenly you are called back to the game. In that tiny moment everything is changing. Adrenaline is pumping through your veins as you jump over the boards.

No thoughts are running through your head just one.

You see an opening between the defense and you hope that you are not the only one who can see the chance. As you look back and see that the puck is coming towards your direction - the time slows down. You would give everything to get the chance to score, just to get near enough to the goal. As you get to the shooting lane every sense is sharpened to the maximum. The only barrier left is the goalie.

Mark the spot.

Locked and loaded.

Tighten the grip of the stick.

Wind up...

...we are the goal that will change the momentum of the game...
We are OPEN ICE HIT and we refuse to lose